bride and groom leaving their wedding

PSA: Proper wedding guest etiquette

Half way through wedding season and I’ve seen some interesting things. I’d like to remind everyone about proper wedding guest etiquette.
#1 RSVP either going or declining the invitation, including a plus on or family members.If you RSVP yes and end up not being able to attend reach out to the couple as soon as you know.
 Meals for weddings can be quite expensive and it’s nice to have a count for the proper amount of food. If you don’t RSVP you should probably just bring a lawn chair and sandwich.
#2 Be early to the ceremony.  10-15 minutes early is a reasonable amount of time to sign the guest book and find a seat. It’s very awkward to show up as the ceremony is beginning. I’ve actually seen guests cut in front of the bride as she’s walking down the aisle. This makes it hard for the photographer to get those magical shots and distracts the guests attention.
#3 Do not wear white.  Do NOT wear a white dress to a wedding. The only exception is a smart white shirt with slacks.
#4 Follow the dress code requested. If you have any questions about how casual or fancy the occasion is just ask. Ladies… also find out if the wedding is inside or outside and how the terrain is. Those beautiful high heels may sink in to grass and cause you to be unsteady on your feet.
#5 If there’s a buffet style meal please be respectful of the serving sizes.  Running out of food at a wedding is quite terrible.  After everyone is through the line you can always go back for more.
#6 Dessert tables are all the rage now instead of a huge cake, with the new couple getting a smaller cake to cut. Cupcakes,  cake pops, mini pies, cookies, etc are very popular. Proper etiquette is to stay away from the dessert table until after the couple cuts their small cake.
#7. Don’t be that sloppy drunk. It’s embarrassing.
#8 Do not get in the photographer’s way. The couple has paid ssssooo much money for that service. I promise you they will take better pictures than your iPhone camera.  Do not take pictures of the ceremony and be mindful of pictures during the reception.
#9 Refrain from posting pictures of the wedding on social media until the couple has had a chance to post thier sneak peak or they have given your explicit permission.
#10 Verify if children are welcome at the wedding.  It may seem rude of the couple not wanting kids at the wedding,  but I’ve been to HUNDREDS and see the reasoning. Kids get restful, bored and tired.  Often times the couple just want their guests to let their hair down and have a good time.
#11 Don’t sit in the front row unless you’re immediate family or have been invited to do so. However,  don’t sit in the back if there are several seats closer. The photos look so much nicer when the seats are filled in rather than several empty chairs in the front.
#12. Silence your phone during the ceremony.  Reminder alarms also still often go off regardless if the phone is set to silent. My android does anyway.  I learned the hard way. It was very embarrassing
#13 Do not propose to your significant other at the wedding. If you really think it would be ok with the couple…talk to them about it and be prepared to be asked not to. This is not your day.
Honestly if you have specific questions about wedding etiquette, I’d be happy to chat about it. Or Google it.
This is a big day and we want everyone to have a great time.