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Photos Before or After the Ceremony?

Photos before the ceremony VS after the ceremony

As your big day gets closer, you’ll need to start considering whether you want to do a first look picture before your ceremony or wait until you’re walking down the aisle for the big reveal. There are both practical and emotional considerations for you.

Before the ceremony:

Arranging a first look before the ceremony can give you and your fiancé’ those few moments before the ceremony and reception to connect and have some intimacy. Having a first look before the ceremony can also open the option to have the majority of photos done beforehand to prevent a lull for your guests between the ceremony and reception. This can make you feel less rushed, allow for some privacy for photos before the guests arrive, and even relieve some stress. This also allows you to get to your guests and dinner sooner.

If you’re more traditional, this prevents you from having the big reveal on the aisle.  You’ll have to make sure you’re ready earlier to allow for enough time to get photos done before the ceremony, which can be tricky if you’re having an earlier ceremony.

During the ceremony:

Having a first look on the aisle is the more traditional route. This can build anticipation and excitement.  This moment can be most intimate as you walk down the aisle with your eyes locked for the first time that day.

When you go this route, you’ll have to take most of your photos after the ceremony, which can leave your guests in the lurch if you don’t plan ahead. If you go this route, you’ll want to give something for your guests to do before dinner. I recommend a cocktail hour where your guests can grab some drinks, eat some appetizers, and play some light music. Perhaps even have your MC run some games for your guests such as Marriage Advice Mad-libs or Guess the Guest.

This can also make the photos feel more rushed, as you’ll want to get back to your guests as soon as possible.


We just need to plan ahead to help it run smoothly.