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Helping you navigate the "grown up" stuff.

If you’re starting your wedding planning journey, you are probably vibrating with excitement! Filled with motivation and inspiration, you might be exploring Pinterest, reading wedding blogs, and dreaming about your perfect wedding day. Planning your fantasy wedding day is an amazing feeling! You might be less excited about the less fun aspects of wedding planning like finding vendors, setting a budget, looking at event insurance, or any of the other boring “grown up” stuff…

That's where we come in.

You need an event coordinator. Wedding planning is our passion, and we never get bored with talking about the finer details of preparing your special day. Our job is to relieve you of the stress that can come along with trying to coordinate all the different aspects of a wedding. Your wedding should be one of the most important and fondly remembered days of your life, and we want to help make sure you have a fantastic experience!
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We help make your dream wedding a reality.

At “I Do” Idaho Weddings we are here to help you design, plan, and manage your wedding. Whether you need full planning services or an event coordinator on the day of the event, having a professional on your team can help take away the stress of your big day.

Located in the Magic Valley area, we are dedicated to making your wedding ceremony unique, intimate, and memorable, whether you opt for traditional elements or want to completely reinvent it! “I DO” your wedding your way! We’ve helped more than 300 couples prepare for their perfect day, and we can help you too! We do weddings across southern Idaho as well as destination weddings. Connect with us for more details.

How we plan & coordinate your special day:

The wedding coordinator can also be the wedding planner, but the duties of a coordinator and a planner can be very different! Make sure you’re aware of the differences and ask questions so that you know exactly what your event coordinator is being hired for.

Wedding coordinators perform a variety of tasks on the day of your event, some of which can include:

  • Making sure everything happens on schedule
  • Coordinating duties with photographers, caterers, and the DJ
  • Helping the officiant prepare before the ceremony
  • They can even fix you a plate and make sure you get a chance to eat!

Weddings are stressful.
We make them easy.


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We know that planning a wedding or event can quickly become overwhelming.

We are a highly experienced team of wedding and event coordinators in the Magic Valley. With our many connections in the area, we have what it takes to make sure that your day is unforgettable for both you and your guests.

Since we are passionate about what we do, we make sure to hear every personal touch you’d like to see and then make it into reality so you have the confidence that your day will happen the way you planned it in a way that is the least stressful for you.