I'm Cari Eskridge!

I'm a party planner!

Cari adjusting some decorative flowers.
Cari touching up a decorative display.

Party planning is my thing

(And I love it!)

I’ve been the go-to gal to coordinate events for several years and have made it my career in the last few. I help people by planning weddings from any stage, coordinating the day of to make everything run smoothly and I even officiate weddings. I got ordained and started officiating because I’d attended the wedding of friends who’d been married by an officiant in a dry, non-spiritual, generic ceremony, or by officiants that didn’t allow the couple to make the ceremony their own.

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Wedding Planning Power Couple

Senate and I currently live in Twin Falls, ID and have 5 children. Senate has been an essential part in building multiple area businesses.  He is currently a multi-family apartment investor.

We’ve been planning and officiating weddings in the Magic Valley for over 12 years, and will continue to help spread the love for many more decades!

In addition to weddings and event planning, I coordinate and host The Idaho Business Summit. If you are interested in becoming a part of something BIG join us at the Annual Idaho Business Summit. Learn more: theidahosummit.com

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Cari posting decorative flowers.

Award from Times-News for Wedding Planning.
Award from Idaho's Best for "Best Party Services".