bride and groom leaving Wedding

Receiving Line

How do you make time for each of your guests?

If you’re having a large guest list it can be tricky to get to each guest and connect with them on such a busy day.

A great option to make sure you get a moment with everyone is to have a receiving line. If you’ve opted to have your photos done before the ceremony it makes it easier to have a receiving line.

After the ceremony you and your wedding party line up on the way to dinner where everyone can form a line and give you well wishes and hugs and advice.   If you’re having a buffet everyone lines up and it takes some time to get to the dinner anyway, and this allows for a few moments with each guest while they’re waiting. This does prevent you from getting dinner until the very end, but you can always have your coordinator make you a plate so you can sit down as the line is coming to an end and get your dinner and get into the ceremonial events.

If you’re having a plated dinner served, this is still a great option, as your guests can take a moment with you as they make their way to their tables.